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Sennheiser IE80s in ear Headphones Customizable High-Fidelity Wired 80s Earphone

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IE80S inherits the design of the IE8/IE80 series adjustable low-frequency air switch, which is achieved by changing the air flow inside the headset.
When adjusted to the minimum scale (the factory default is for this scale), the air hole is closed at this time, and the inner part of the earplug cavity cannot enter more air pressure inside the balance chamber, because the amount of gas agitation by the diaphragm affects the low frequency to a great extent.
So based on this principle, IE80S can achieve a variety of low-frequency effects by adjusting this low-frequency air switch.
The longer the scale is, the more the low-frequency air switch opens, the more air it enters, and the relative increase of the low-frequency amount.

The IE80S line is relatively thick and reliable, the wire is a little hard, estimated to be soft over time.
A small serial number printed on the dividing handle of the wire.
And the part in the plug is changed from the original bending plug to straight plug. The whole wire can be used with the earring device attached in the accessories, which makes me feel young and fashionable.

Overall, IE80S still has a lot of good design from the previous game, and a lot of things to change.
The change of the back and the red mark on the wire became the biggest difference between IE80S and IE80, the more layered shell of the cavity and the addition of wire for users to distinguish the right and left is a more mature mark in the appearance design of IE80S.
IE80S is looking for a more stylish and mainstream look, rather than a pure industrial product.

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